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Fakenham Town Band


Kit Percussion - Simon Moore

Simon started playing in the band in 2016 as a beginner on drums, and hasn't looked back. When he was at school, he learned to play the piano and used to accompany school assemblies, but he says that one of his biggest regrets was that he didn't continue this into later years. Simon tried various brass instruments but couldn't get on with them, until one day he was encouraged to try the drums, which he could do.

Simon has also played at East Coast Brass, and for many years before joining could be found compering the bands concerts, or just sitting eating cake at fetes, with the Band Support Officer, Alan Gibson.

Simon particularly enjoys jazz and easy listening music, although he likes getting his teeth into challenging pieces of music, as there is always something to learn. He likes Fakenham Town Band as it is one big family which includes everyone in the fold.

Simon's most nerve-wracking band memory is his first gig - the band's then regular drummer (Steve Wakefield) had to conduct the band at very short notice. Simon was called upon to play drums to a Rolling Stones number at the launch of a lifeboat - although he quickly learned that drummers need to think about where they sit, as he was on the launch ramp and his cymbals were rapidly heading towards the sea as he played them....! He also remembers falling backwards off his stool at a particularly inappropriate moment at a concert in Fakenham Church - but luckily he was behind a pillar so no-one noticed!

Simon is also the band's official coach driver, taking us off around the county and beyond in a variety of different vehicles!


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